Youtube Sensation Blue Van Man reviews Skinny Food Co Sauces NOW AVAILABLE FROM GREAT CENTRAL MEATS Phone: +44 1509 767600
Youtube Sensation Blue Van Man reviews Skinny Food Co SaucesNOW AVAILABLE FROM GREAT CENTRAL MEATS Phone: +44 1509 767600 

So, who are Great Central Meats ?


Directors, Shaun Cooper and Andrew Freer have jointly worked in the meat industry for the past 30 years and now having served their "Apprenticeships" have decided to share their experience and expertise in the form of this exciting business.


Not only can we provide you with both first class products and service, but also the peace of mind that your food is being safely produced in our modern F.S.A. approved premises.


Tailored to your exact requirements.Trade info.




Factory Shop for every occassion




Phone: +44 1509 767600                                                                                                               


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